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Tovolo 13 Inch Tip Top Tongs, Stratus Blue

Tovolo 13 Inch Tip Top Tongs, Stratus Blue
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Keep your counter neat and clean with these bright and colorful serving tongs. With the silicone tips and rest attachment, grasp and grip your food from the pan or pot without scraping your cooking tools. Silicone tips keeps your precious cookware safe from accidental scratches. Once you place the tongs on the counter, using the silicone rest, or 'feet' if you prefer, feel confident that you will keep your countertops clean. The 13 inch reach of your Tip Top Tongs makes it simple for you to safely reach the bottom of a large pot to stir and scoop spaghetti or extend over a large skillet. The extra-large ring at the end of your tongs makes it simple for you to lock and unlock your Tip Top Tongs between uses. You will feel the quality and weight of the product in your hand, knowing it will last for years to come.
  • Dishwasher safe build makes clean-up easy and quick
  • Silicone-tipped tongs makes it easy to grip food while stirring or serving
  • Silicone rest stand and 'Tilt Up' design helps prevents messy counters
  • 13 inch tongs provide ample reach distance for stirring to prevent burns or discomfort
  • Large ring at end to lock and unlock tongs for easy storage
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