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Le Creuset Silicone Pinch Bowls, Multi

Le Creuset Silicone Pinch Bowls, Multi
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These pinch bowls by Le Creuset are ideal for a multitude of uses in your kitchen. Theyadd color, convenience, and versatility to any countertop or table. You may just find these are indispensible and can use these pretty bowls for prep work, mixing small amounts, and for actual serving. You can melt your butter in the microwave, mix your spices, or make your dressing in these bright bowls. Each round bowl holds 1/4 cup, which is perfect for those small amounts needed for many recipes. These silicone pieces are stain resistant, so you can use them for coffee, blueberries, tomato sauce, and other staining foods. The bowls do not absorb odors or flavors, so you can wipe out and reuse them easily without cross-contamination of flavors. These silicone pinch bowls are safe to use in the freezer, the microwave and the oven, making it easier to go from the freezer to the table with less fuss and no mess.
  • Silicone bowls are perfect for staging and measuring ingredients including liquids and spices
  • Funnel ingredients into small jars and containers just by pinching the bowl
  • In bold and bright, fun colors; Unique way to serve condiments, salad dressings and dips
  • Made from stain and odor resistant, non-abrasive Silicone
  • Heat-resistant silicone up to 482 degrees F; Dishwasher safe
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