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Global G-16 Chef's Knife, 10 inch

Global G-16 Chef's Knife, 10 inch
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Proprietary composites make up the Global G-16 Chef’s Knife. With its Japanese heritage, there is no wonder many professionals and home gourmets find it a superior choice. The 10 inch blade is a single piece of CROMOVA 18 steel, which includes chromium for its well-respected stain-resistant properties. Molybdenum and vanadium are two premium metal components that enhance the Global chef knife’s razor sharpness. Edging is not only sharp, it features a deeper V honing that breaks away from the wider beveled blades of European design. With a multitude of uses, the G-16 chef’s knife will certainly be the most-used cutlery choice in any kitchen. While noted for its heft, it also balances for smaller grips with its ergonomically shaped handle crafted in stainless accented by a unique lattice texturing. Filled with sand that flows from end to end during each movement, it creates just the right maneuverability for slicing through tough vegetables or producing finer chopping. Eliminating a bolster to save weight, the Global G-16 Chef’s Knife incorporates finger curvature just fore of the handle for safer usage without compromising full length workability of the blade. Sharpening with a diamond rod or ceramic stone is recommended.
  • Precisely balanced 10-inch chef's knife for chopping, mincing
  • Made with Global's high carbon CROMOVA 18 stainless steel alloy; hard enough for edge retention; soft enough for easy maintenance
  • Stainless-steel handles are molded for comfort and dimpled for safe grip
  • Thin blades for precision slicing; Light weight and perfect balance reduces hand fatigue
  • Limited lifetime warranty; Hand wash only; Made in Japan
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