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Cuisinart is a top American brand of kitchen appliances, cookware, cutlery and more. With a focus on excellent workmanship and high quality materials, Cuisinart is favored by both professionals and everyday home cooks alike. Their products stand the test of time, resist breakage and come with the little features that make them easy and safe to use, saving you time in the kitchen so you can spend more time with family and friends.

Cuisinart is perhaps best known for their electrical appliances which are seen on countertops in many discerning cooks’ homes. If you need some help getting started in the morning, simply turn on one of their premier coffee or espresso makers. With features such as milk frothers and warming trays, Cuisinart espresso makers let you experience professional quality lattes and cappuccinos from the convenience of your home. Other top appliances for which they are known include blenders for making smoothies, baby food, juices and more as well as food processors, which can do everything from slicing cucumbers and carrots to chopping nuts and mixing dough. Stand mixers and bread makers round out their most popular countertop appliances.

However, do not forget about their smaller kitchen appliances, which will certainly speed up food preparation time. An electric knife with attachments for both breads and meats will help you get smooth, even slices every time while a hand mixer will help you do everything from mashing potatoes and beating eggs to mixing up delicious cookie dough and cake batter. Other smaller appliances include electric can openers, which eliminate frustration, and hand blenders for pureeing soups, sauces and more.

Of course, Cuisinart does more than make food preparation and cooking easier; the brand also creates appliances, cutlery and more that are safe and healthy. BPA-free parts give you peace of mind while cooking. Other features you will appreciate include a locking mechanism on the electric knives, auto-shutoff on ice cream and yogurt makers and multiple mixing speeds on hand and stand mixers to reduce food splatters.

Cuisinart gives you what you need to make delicious and healthy homemade foods and baked goods without a lot of hassle. Now you can bake your own bread, juice your own fruits and puree your own homemade soups. Cuisinart gives you the beautiful tools with modern designs to help you take care of your family and yourself in the kitchen.

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