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Breville BEM800BSXL Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Mixer, Black Sesame

Breville BEM800BSXL Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Mixer, Black Sesame
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You will find yourself in baking heaven with Breville's Scraper Mixer Pro. The mixer was made for bakers by bakers so you get the best experience mixing ingredients without the mess or extra steps that consume time. Breville has designed the perfect mixer by adding what they call planetary mixing action, a feature that doesn't leave unmixed or gathered ingredients on the side of the bowl. With planetary mixing action, you no longer need to pause to use a regular hand-scraper to mix in runaway ingredients. The clockwise revolution of the mixing bowl combined with the counter clockwise turn of the mixer head means an even mix with no pockets. There are 12 different speeds along with an LCD read out that shows you what speed you are on for quick reference as you mix your batter. Included with the mixer is an amazing 5 quart mixing bowl so you can put almost any recipe to use, especially for the holidays. The mixer features a pouring shield that reduces splattering as you add ingredients and the handles along the front and bottom make for easy stabilization as you mix. Every detail of the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro is meant to aid your inner baker in making the best treats for your family and friends.
  • Large 5 quart mixing bowl for large recipes and holiday baking
  • LED speed indicator and LCD timer make it as easy as possible to follow your mixer as your work
  • Bowl locking recess keeps the bowl intact and prevents it from moving during operation
  • 2 piece shield for pouring to reduce spatters when adding ingredients
  • Cord stores inside the machine; no more mess or flailing cord when putting the mixer away or taking it out
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